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Hello. My name is Adrienne Kieldsing.  On behalf of the Protestant Campus Ministry, I would like to welcome you to UMass Lowell and congratulate you on your success.


It can be hard your first year away from home – a new living situation, being away from family and friends, new pressures, heavy workloads both on and off campus, and trying to find a new place to worship the Lord.  On top of all of this we have the reminder of this past year's events.  All of these trials can make life seem rather daunting at times.  Just remember that you are not alone, and you do not have to face your trials alone.  Pastor Imogene Stulken and the UMass Lowell Protestant Campus Ministry are here to help guide you through these challenging times.


As a member of the Protestant Campus Ministry I would like to invite you to join us.  We hold services on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM in McGauvran 410.  At our informal services, we invite everyone to unburden themselves of the past week's troubles through scripture, song, discussion, community outreach projects and a community ready and willing to listen.


You could say that our worship services encompass more than just the traditional forms of worship.  We study lessons from the Bible as well as lessons based on how others have applied the Bible to their lives.  We use thought-provoking videos created by NOOMA© to enhance our understanding and perspective on our faith/religion.   Rob Bell offers thought-provoking messages that give us an alternate way to think about/apply our scriptures and our faith, that help us to see our faith through the eyes of others, and that challenge ours perceptions of our faith. Through both kinds of worship, we are able to grow in our faith and receive a larger understanding of God and his plan for us.


At the end of the service we hold a social hour where students can continue to discuss issues that affect them from personal issues to school-related issues to religious issues.  For me, being a part of the Protestant Campus Ministry has been a calming and rewarding experience.


Once again, I would like to congratulate you and to wish you all the best in the years to come.


God bless you, and peace be with you.


Adrienne Kieldsing